la cala

At NATUROPATÍA LA CALA – ADVANCED OSTEOPATHY we have been carrying out continuous training in different methodologies since 2004, thus guaranteeing unique quality and professionalism, since our methods are totally personalized.

Our Superior training in Osteopathy meets the standards of the European regulation UNE-EN 16686/2015 «Provision of Health Care in Osteopathy».

We also have training adapted to the highest European standards: both the European Parliament (1997, resolution No. A 4 – 0075/97) and the World Health Organization – O.M.S. (2010, Parameters for training in osteopathy) have decreed osteopathy as a first-intention health discipline.

The high and excellent hygienic-sanitary measures that we have, ensure a healthy and pleasant environment.

NICOLAS FASOLI for several years has directed his parasanitary center NATUROPATÍA LA CALA – ADVANCED OSTEOPATHY, in La Cala de Mijas (Málaga. Spain).

His professional career began in 2004, and he is currently an OSTEOPATH D.O. with extensive purely osteopathic continuing education and extensive experience in advanced manual techniques.

OSTEOPATH D.O. Trained nationally and internationally and recognized by:

-Atlântica University (Portugal)

-The Mexican Society of Osteopathy and Complementary Medicines (Mexico)

-Docusse Institute of Osteopathy and Manual Therapy – I.D.O.T. (Brazil)

Nationally recognized by the best reference centers in Osteopathy:

– The International Institute of Advanced Osteopathy – I.I.O.A. (SPAIN), whose director is Francisco Fajardo, Osteopath D.O. internationally recognized, author of numerous books and videos on osteopathy.

– The Malaga Institute of Osteopathy – I.M.O. (SPAIN)

Associated with the best osteopathy association in the country, the Collegiate Organization of Osteopaths of Spain-OCOE and registered in its registry with Nº231, Member of the European Foundation for Alternative Medicines – F.E.M.A.L.T and the Professional Community Practitioner’s Register.

In addition, NICOLAS FASOLI has completed several training and postgraduate courses in Osteopathy:

– “Postgraduate in Neuro Osteopathy by A.I.F.R.O.M.M. Accademia Internazionale di Formazione e Research in Osteopathy and Manual Medicine (Italy) (Method developed by the MD-DO, Stefano Polistina and the FT-DO Luca Gastoldi.)”

   – “Postgraduate in Glandular and Nervous Dysfunctions, Diagnosis and Osteopathic Treatment by I.I.O.A. International Institute of Advanced Osteopathy.”

   – “Postgraduate in Sleep Disorders and their Cure through Osteopathy by I.I.O.A. International Institute of Advanced Osteopathy.”

   – “Expert in M.C.I. in the Field of Action of Osteopathy taught by Roberto Aguado (Clinical Psychologist, President of the I.E.P.T.L. European Institute of Limited Time Psychotherapies, creator of the M.C.I. and F.D.S. method) coordinated by Francisco Fajardo (Osteopath D.O., Director of the I.I.O.A. International Institute of Advanced Osteopathy)”.

In addition to the extensive training in osteopathy, Nicolas has been trained in different methods and advanced techniques of Naturopathy:

   – “University Expert in Homeopathy” (Degree of the University of León, SPAIN)

   – Qualification recognized at the national level by the European Foundation for Alternative Medicines – F.E.M.A.L.T. and by the best reference training center in Naturopathy in Andalusia, EMANA:



“Expert in Deep Relaxation Techniques”

“Acupuncture and Moxibustion”


Additionally, he has taken several training courses on Bach Flowers, Iridology, Phytotherapy and Chiromassage.

Since then and today Nicolas continues to improve and expand his professional training.

It is worth mentioning that currently in Spain the qualifications mentioned are of a private nature, and not official, being framed as parasanitary professions. The methods used in Naturopathy la Cala are a complementary aid to conventional or allopathic medicine, with the aim of balancing body, mind, and spirit. In no case is it sought to replace the work of health professionals, moreover, collaboration with them is of vital importance for health.