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At NATUROPATÍA LA CALA – ADVANCED OSTEOPATHY we offer our EMOTIONAL HOLISTIC SESSION that includes the application of the most advanced current methodologies in a manual setting with an emotional approach. These methods are very effective and help resolve the emotional process(es) of the person. 

Due to the resolution of these conflicts, the individual's nervous system will be free of those unresolved or pending emotional "charges" to process, thus improving the proper functioning of the entire nervous system. 

We seek to find the balance between body, mind, and spirit, providing inner peace and serenity.

The methodology applied can vary according to the needs of the individual, it is a completely personalized session and can include one or several methods.


 – Psychobiological Osteopathy C.S.T. (Subconscious Tissue Communication) is a manual methodology developed by the Osteopath D.O., Francisco Fajardo. Thanks to this advanced method, it is possible to help connect with the person's subconscious through muscle tissue to help them process, release and stabilize their emotional system.

 – The M.C.I. (Induced Head Movement) applied to osteopathy, is a methodology developed by Clinical Psychologist Roberto Aguado Romo. This methodology is based on activating the S.A.R.A. (Ascending Reticular Activating System) through the reticular system will connect with the individual's sensory area to help in this way to release, resolve and correctly manage the emotional process. This relaxing method is applied through a series of induced head movements on the cervical area.

 – Neuro Osteopathy® is a method of evaluation and manual approach that bases its neuro-functional evaluation on the concept of structure-energy-information. This technique considers that everything is information, from the peripheral synapse to the psychic manifestation, being the somatic dysfunction its manifestation. 

The combined evaluation tool that informs what that person needs at that moment is Holographic Reflexotherapy®: a method of interpretation of reflex points and cutaneous somatropins. Holographic Reflexotherapy® is the tool to understand what the person really needs and Neuro Osteopathy® is the guide for a personalized approach.

 – Deep relaxation methods. Deep relaxation is a technique that consists of accompanying the individual, acting on their subconscious through verbalizations, so that they can resolve their internal conflicts by themselves. This method helps the person to balance body, mind, and spirit in a deep and relaxing way. 

It should be noted that all the training mentioned above have been given by the founders of these advanced methodologies to Nicolas Fasoli. We consider this fact fortunate and an honour to have learned directly from the source.

We must mention that the application of the methodologies mentioned above are currently of a parasanitary nature in Spain. At Naturopatia La Cala we carry out a complementary service and never replace other health professionals, what's more, we consider collaboration with them essential, as well as carrying out a multidisciplinary approach.